The Future of
Out-of-Home Entertainment

NetLevel is the first nationwide fiber network for out-of-home entertainment

Theaters Owners:

  • Add New Customers

    Expand your market by adding new forms of digital entertainment and bring new customer demographics into your theaters
  • Generate More Revenue

    eSports and Live Events represent new sources of revenue during non-movie time windows
  • Increase Theater Utilization

    Approximately 75% of a theater’s business is done Friday through Sunday, increase use of unused theater assets with paid audiences and participants Monday to Thursday
  • Exhibit New Content

    eSports, Concerts, Live Sports, Corporate Events, Archive Movies
  • Safe, Reliable, and Robust

    The most reliable and robust nationwide private network to deliver any digital content, motion pictures, advertisements, and live or pre-recorded events
  • 100% Free for Theater Operators

    We install out private fiber network in your theater locations at no cost; we make our money from our customers who are the movie distributors and event producers

Content Providers:

  • Security

    The most secure delivery method for your digital content over our private nationwide network
  • Reliability

    No more failed satellite deliveries or faulty disk drives; NetLevel is the most reliable network to your deliver digital content at any time - motion pictures, advertisements, live / pre-recorded events
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price

    We offer the lowest cost for digital content delivery, regardless if you are doing a limited or wide release - our customers save an average of 40% off their existing delivery costs
  • Target Audiences

    Cost effectively target specific customer demographics in one or all of our networked theaters

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